All Inclusive Content Marketing



We take your existing content and re-purpose (convert/reformat) it into multiple types. For example, an article can be re-purposed into a PPT presentation, a SlideShare upload, a YouTube video (text with audio voice-over), a podcast, an infographic, an eBook (from multiple articles), a white paper, a how-to guide or even a meme. Another example: A video can be taken, audio stripped for a podcast, transcribed and converted into an article or a presentation. In fact only a single piece of content can provide dozens of content types. And all of it can be branded according to your needs!


We distribute the re-purposed content to relevant websites where your target audiences are. The advantage is that there are “ready-made” audiences just waiting to absorb and share fresh content. Therefore, for each content piece there we do a unique title and description to get it ultimately indexed by leading search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo. Each will also have a call to action and a link back to the original content on OR a landing page we can develop separately for sales conversion.


Finally, all that freshly developed and distributed content is getting interlinked using your social media accounts providing ultimate engagement and rich media variety for your audience.



Cost Effective IEO Marketing Solution

1. IEO KEY Consulting

Strategic input to your campaign concept, including data analytics, marketing channels selection, content and campaign assets & partnerships.

The Marketing Process

We’ll identify growth hacks / low hanging fruit to enable you to make rapid improvements, while providing strategic input and long term outlook

2. Assets preparation

We create, design & develop your IEO campaign assets to give you a professional look and build credibility. Designs can ‘make or break’ the campaign. We conduct thorough research of suitable designs for your particular market, helping push more sales.

Your CTA should clearly tell your potential investors how to participate:

A true blend of thought leadership, credibility, channel creation and research must go into a credible IEO launch. If you can throw an amazing educational curricula in there to boot, success is certain.

3. Campaign execution

Total visibility on relevant placements to drive IEO pledges across all relevant channels through paid & organic media. This is essential to ensure that your target audience knows that you are conducting an IEO.

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Trusted Technical Crypto Solutions

It is impossible to succeed without proper technology in the crypto world. No matter how good your marketing is, without solid tech you could lose everything. Belkin uses due diligence and provides you with the best solutions that strengthen this complex partnership.

We provide our partners with all the technical support they need to achieve sustainable success within the crypto space. Our experts have decades of experience providing core and support services on tokenomics, project launch, token listing, blockchain talent scouting and hiring, advisory services, PR campaigns, customized marketing solutions, etc.

Our tested and trusted processes provide guidance for our partners to achieve immediate success and maintain long-term viability in the dynamic crypto landscape.

All the core components for a successful launch – available in one place.

Unique PR and Media Collaborations

When you want crypto media to be your complex long term partner, relationships become the key factor. Leverage our unique relationship with high-impact media outlets within the blockchain space, and build on the media’s reputation to get your message out to the target audience. Media is only an expensive endeavor when you do not have a relationship to begin with. Unlimited exposure in the media is the key for a successful campaign.

Reputations precede you; Let’s help you put your best foot forward while you do what you do best!

Partnerships and Relationships

Each project is different, the situation in the market is unique and we understand that. Whatever you might need from a Layer 1 grant to introduction or some chain/bridge to crypto musicians we got you covered.

Our network of top-performing clients and long-term partners creates a natural pathway to networking, collaborations, and fundraising opportunities for legitimate projects. Working with us gives you access to 15+ years of experience, decades of industry-leading expertise, and connections to over 100 potential Tier-1 partners and professionals within our network.

Complex Crypto Marketing Strategies & Campaigns

Unlike most of our competition who offers packages, we understand that each project is unique, that market conditions change constantly and that only a hand crafted solution will get you there.

In-depth Knowledge of the Marketplace – Know the market, feel the pulse of the community, audit your research, and find your sweet spot! The blockchain market is dynamic, with many windows of opportunities that don’t stay open forever.

Our experts have extensive knowledge of the market, customer demands, and investor sentiments to help you recognize high-potential opportunities within the blockchain space. Get ahead of the innovation curve by working with trendsetters with decades of marketing experience at the highest levels.

Customized Marketing Strategies – All your market research and knowledge should lead you to marketing strategies that meet your specific needs, relate to your target audience, and fit your budget. Develop relevant adverts, gain legitimacy by association with reputable partners, and strategic placement in high-traffic locations – Your needs will evolve with growth. You need dynamic partners that will help you get to the next stage.

Custom marketing plans created by seasoned experts to assure success for your unique needs – That is our competitive advantage, and it can be yours too when you partner with us.

Integrated Marketing Plans & Verifiable Results – Leverage your industry knowledge and in-house expertise to develop water-tight plans to promote your innovation. Detailed plans with specific schedules have a higher chance of success compared to rough estimates and assumptions.

Finding the perfect balance between innovation and trusted processes is essential in this phase. The data from your market research should inform your plan.

Work with professionals that will guide you through all the phases of your project while consistently meeting and exceeding your expectations.