Advanced Custom ICO Marketing Solution

Blending the Best Practices of Public Relations And Investor Relations


11+ Years

Founded 2007 in California

We have always adapted through the waves of time by using an innovative approach and strategy

83+ Clients

Etherecash, Healthureum
Neurogress, Auditchain
QuickX, Henkel
Alibaba, Bally
Sisley, Benetton

105+ Projects and counting

Belkin Marketing believes that project success means more than delivering a project within established constraints of time, cost and quality. It is about creating value for the client by identifying and capturing opportunities that provide real and on-going benefits which extend beyond the project delivery phase.

See usual things differently

What is your Marketing Department occupied with? ICOs lately are very focused on ICO and its fund raising that they miss out on the product’s importance. Focusing on the product, technology and marketing these areas are essential to instill confidence in the investors. It’s the product they are investing in, not gambling on the ICO price spikes.

Your marketing can perform better

 The most successful marketing tactic observed in ICOs currently are social referrals/influence — individuals referring/influencing others to invest. The market is in its nascent stage. Most investors are willing to invest but do not know how. Early adopters help them through the educative and investing process and earning referral profits through it.

How can we help you?

Putting together both conscious and unconscious factors, we create a complete package which resonates with your investors and profoundly impact their judgement to invest. We’ll identify growth hacks / low hanging fruit to enable you to make rapid improvements, while providing strategic input and long term outlook.