Lead Generation

Cloning your best customers, $5 each.

You know your business best. You know your customers well. You just need more of them for your business to grow bigger? Lead Generation can help.

Belkin Marketing presents Lead Generation Mosaic of Brands meet people
Mosaic illustration for the advertising campaign in Switzerland

What is Lead Generation?

Talking about Marketing, Lead Generation is a quality initiation of customer interest in your products or services. The best thing about leads is that you get to choose what kind of consumers you would like to see as your business customers. Newsletter list or sales – it is a Leads flow you want.

How we can help?

  • Sales Funnels. High CTR, high efficiency, up to 50% conversion rate into sales!
  • Targeted Advertising. Penny likes, penny clicks, penny impressions.
  • Contextual Advertising. 10 years+ of experience.
  • Online Merchant Centers and Niche Forums Advertising.
  • SMM, SEO.


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