Who are these Belkin Marketing people?

Belkin Marketing’s team is led by the Ex-CMO of NewsBTC and the former Head of Marketing of Cointelegraph Events. Backed with a group of A-Team Specialists who are well known to the Blockchain Community, they act in perfect synchrony like a well-oiled machine that is ready to go.

We’ve been doing Content Marketing since 2007, which makes us one of the oldest digital marketing agencies around. Having plenty of major collaborations with key players in the industry, and enough clients, we’re not sales and growth crazy but rather are socially and ethically responsible entrepreneurs. We say no to about 80% of the leads that approach us wanting our services.

We say ‘no’ to the unprofessional teams because we don’t like to waste resources on a project that is bound to fail due to a team’s obvious weaknesses. We only promote those projects that proved themselves to be real teams with products or solutions that will be beneficial for the future of society.

Belkin Marketing is currently in the process of being certified for both ISO 9001 (Manufacturing) and ISO 27000 (Security). Which means every work they do utilizes Quality Control, through 5 different stages of inspection for maximum peace of mind for every client it caters to.

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